Friday, December 19, 2008

Part 2 of the New Year’s Goal-Setting for a Better You

3. Keep yourself motivated to reach your goals.
One of the biggest keys to reaching your goals, is keeping yourself motivated enough to continue working toward your goal. Lack of motivation prevents many us from reaching those things that we really desire in life. We need to think of rewards to give ourselves for meeting different sub-goals as I referred to in key number 2. If we are trying to lose 20 lbs, then a good motivator would be to reward yourself with a new CD or a spa visit once you have lost 5 or 10 lbs. Continue to give yourself rewards along the way for meeting your sub-goals. This will give you the motivation to continue along the path to fulfilling your goals and make yourself a better person.

4. Being accountable to another person on your progress on set times.
In addition to finding ways to stay motivated, being accountable to someone else for what you have done is another way to meet your goals. When you need to report to someone else regarding your progress toward your goals it helps give that extra motivation and shows that person that you are really trying to meet your goals. Report or show your progress to another person on a regular basis. Review with this person your goals and sub-goals and let them know that you will be checking in with them to report your successes and possible difficult times. You can be accountable to this person and they could also offer verbal and emotional motivation. This person could be a spouse, friend, parent, etc…

5. Review your goal setting success stories to give you confidence to achieve more goals.
At the beginning of each year is also the end of the previous year. This can not only be a time to set goals for the coming year, but also to review the goals that you had during the previous year. Don’t focus on the goals where you may have fell short, but focus more on the successes you had during that year and think of the goals that you did accomplish. See the changes that came about in your life because you have met your goals. The goals you accomplish don’t only change your life in regards to the goal you set but also show the strength and perseverance you have in character to accomplish your goals. This review will give you the motivation and strength needed to carry you through another year of goal setting. Another great motivator, in addition to those listed above is past successes.

Jan 1st, 2009 is almost here. Start thinking of goals for the coming year that will help you be a better person. Write down your goals and put them in places where you can see them daily. Break this goal you have written down into “bite size chunks” or sub-goals. Keep yourself motivated to reach your goals through rewards and be accountable to someone else. At the end of this year review the goals where you were successful and plan your goals for 2009. As you do these things, you will become a better person and will become a successful goal setter that will lead to a better “you”.

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