Monday, December 1, 2008

Green Bay Loses Another Close Game and Fantasy Football 2008 Playoffs start

Now that the Cougars season has ended my focus has shifted to the Green Bay Packers. Although BYU still has one game left with a possible bowl game invite. BYU will need to play an awesome game to prove that their season wasn’t a fluke. Max Hall will no doubt be prepared to avenge the embarrassing loss at the University of Utah. Whoever BYU plays against I think they will win by a large margin with Max Hall and Austin Collie hooking up multiple times in the game. Make sure to stay in touch when they announce the bowl games next week to see where BYU plays and who they will play against.

The Packers hosted the Carolina Panthers this past week and didn’t do very well losing 35-31. The Packers offense played a great game with their QB Aaron Rodgers getting close to 300 yards passing and 3 touchdowns. The receiving combo of Greg Jennings and Donald Driver each had nice games with a TD each and 174 yards combined. The offense seems to be playing at a high level each week but the defense continues to allow big games by the opposing teams each week.

Right now the Packers are 2 games behind the Minnesota Vikings and 1 behind the Chicago Bears in a very tight division. The Packers still have an outside chance in making the playoffs this year if they win the rest of their games (which is doable) and also if the Viking and Bears each lose a couple. The Packers will host the Houston Texans this Sunday (Dec 7th) and are in a must win game. I think the Packers will be able to win this game and put some of their recent troubles behind them. I think the score will be Green Bay 31 Houston 17.

I am in a fantasy football league for the 8th straight year and am having a good year with some ups and downs. For those who don’t know what fantasy football is-refer back to my blog on September 5th titled “Fantasy Football Fanatics”. My season started out well- I won my first 4 games to take the lead in my league. I then went on to lose or tie the next 5 games before winning my last 4 games giving me a regular fantasy football record of 8-4-1(tie). Now we are on to the playoffs in the regular NFL season’s weeks 14, 15, and 16. I think my team will do well. Some of my players have come on strong as of late (McNabb, Westbrook, Welker) and I have picked up some great free agents. I feel like my chances are good for taking the title for the third time since I have been playing fantasy football.

The fantasy games are exciting and fun and every year brings something new. If you haven’t tried any fantasy games yet, try fantasy basketball, baseball, or even hockey. My personal favorite is fantasy football. I recommend trying this first as this is the most popular by far and is the shortest to play (based on only a 16-game season).

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