Monday, December 22, 2008

College Bowl Games and NFL Playoffs (these are a few of my favorite things)

With the holidays here and soon to be gone, the fun things to look forward to and enjoy are far and few between. I love the holidays because of the time away from work, being with my family, getting and giving gifts, eating good food, and many other things. Once this time is over, there is a let down or what others refer to as post-holiday blues. I have the perfect cure for those suffering from such a problem----football.

January is the best month out of the year for football. First it begins with college bowl games. The bowl games are no longer just a New Year’s Day activity; they span over the course of a few weeks with the best games coming during the week after New Year’s Day. You have the BCS bowl games which pairs the top 10 teams in the nation against each other. This year on New Year’s Day the Orange Bowl features Virginia Tech and Cincinnati and also the Rose Bowl features Penn State and USC. On Jan 2nd is the Sugar Bowl which has Utah against Alabama (go Crimson Tide). On Jan 5th is the Fiesta Bowl which will be Ohio St. against Texas. On Jan 8th is the college championship game featuring No 1 Oklahoma vs. No 2 Florida.

The bowl games have always been exciting for me to watch. I remember growing up and watching the BYU teams always playing in the holiday bowl each year and now in the Las Vegas Bowl. I have also watched many of the BCS games and found them to be very entertaining and fun to watch although I am more of an NFL fan.

I did happen to be watching the best bowl game of all time 2 years ago when Boise State played against Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. This was one of the most exciting, fun to watch games, I have ever seen in any sport. Oklahoma was the big powerhouse team going against the smaller Boise State squad. Boise State started out playing fast in the first quarter and then Oklahoma caught up. Then in the second half the scoring started heating up really fast with both teams scoring at will. Boise State scored with 7 seconds left in the game tying it up to send it into overtime at 35-35. I was glued to the TV hoping that Boise State would pull off the upset. Oklahoma scored a touchdown with a 25 yard run to start the overtime period. Boise State scored on their overtime drive and opted for a 2 point conversion rather than the kick for 1. They faked the pass and the QB handed to his running back, on one of the best fakes I have ever seen, and the running back run in untouched for the 2-point conversion to win the game. It was one of the riskiest calls I have ever seen. The game is listed as my all-time favorite. Make sure you watch this year’s games so you don’t miss another one like this.

In addition to the college bowl games, the NFL Playoffs are upon us. If you want to see exciting, tough-nosed football, try watching some of the NFL playoffs in January. A lot of the games are played outside in very cold weather. Last year the Packers played the Giants in Green Bay and the wind chill was 25 below 0. The fans always show up and are as excited as ever. The hits are hard and the players are psyched up. This is the time of year where the game is a must-win to move on. This year’s playoffs start on Saturday Jan 3rd and will finish up with the Super Bowl on February 1st. The Packers blew it this year with a bad second half of the season which has left them out of the playoffs. Next year, they should fare much better after recovering from some injuries and adding a few more good defensive players to their team.

So turn on your big screen TV, pour up a cup of steaming hot cocoa, and watch some football this January. It’s the best show in town.

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