Friday, December 5, 2008

Celebration of our Savior’s Birth

The month of December and the Christmas holiday is a wonderful time to get together as family and friends to have parties. These parties range from family parties, church parties, neighborhood parties, company parties, and my mom’s favorite; grandkid parties. This is a great time of year to see each other and to exchange gifts and to re-kindle relationships. This is also a time to be certain that our parties are focused on the real celebration; the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

My Mom and Dad host 3 different parties in the month of December. You may want to include some of these party ideas into your own families.

Party for the grandkids.
My Mom and Dad love to have the kids over to exchange gifts, make cookies, and give the children time to play with their cousins. I know my mom and dad love this party because nothing can duplicate the unbridled excitement of a child during the Christmas time of year. My children look forward to this party every year.

Party for the adults in the extended family.
This party is a time for the adults to get together and have more uninterrupted time to visit and to discuss the joys and hardships of the Christmas time of year. We also do a few Christmas gift exchanging games and have a chance to laugh and have fun together.
This is one of the most fun parties of the Christmas season for me.

Party for my parent’s immediate family (children and grandchildren).
This is another party to get together and have fun as a family. My Dad reads the story of the Birth of Jesus from the Old Testament while the grandchildren dress up and put on a nativity play. We then sing Christmas songs and open a few presents. This party really puts us in the mood for Christmas and really invites the Spirit into our lives. It is the most spiritual party.

At all 3 parties we are giving to one another, showing love for each other, and strengthening our relationships. Our Savior taught us the gift of giving through example when he gave His very own life for us. He taught us the gift of loving through the many miracles and blessings that He bestowed upon us and also from the willingness He showed to take our sins upon Him through the Atonement. He taught us how to strengthen relationships by teaching us how to pray and how to communicate with our Father.

Christmas is more than just giving. It is a time to love, be with family, have fun, and take some time to strengthen our relationships not only with our family, but also with our Savior Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven. This year and every year, be sure to take time and teach your children that Christmas is a celebration of our Savior’s Birth.

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