Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dreams Really Do Come True

On August 28th, 1963 a certain man named Martin Luther King Jr. stood at a pulpit in Washington D.C. and started his speech with the famous words “I have a dream”. His speech was considered one of the most famous and most notable in all of history. We all know the rest of this story—how the blacks were given more rights and were finally really treated as equals to the whites. His speeches along with the help of countless other great leaders, including Rosa Parks, went on to spark a movement that would help bring equality to all mankind. Martin Luther saw his dream fulfilled.

There are countless other stories where dreams have come true. I would like to share a few others. A couple of these stories you can read about in my past blogs. One is the story of a young man named Jason McElway. You can ready my blog about him by clicking on this link . Jason suffers from autism and is the basketball manager for a high school team. I am sure Jason dreamed many times of being the basketball star for his team and in my blog you will read the story of how he was able to fulfill his dreams. The story is incredible-be sure to read it again, if you have already heard or read about it.

Another story of a person fulfilling their dreams is the awesome story of Rick Hoyt and his father Dick. You can read this past blog of mine by clicking on this link . This is one of my favorite videos of all time. It is a tear-jerker and an inspirational video that will give you the inspiration to fulfill your own dreams. Rick was born disabled and is unable to talk or walk or do much of anything other than sit in his wheelchair all day every day. I am certain that he had countless dreams of being able to walk, talk, and just move around on his own. His father Dick made his dreams come true by taking him on his Ironman triathlons. He had Rick sit in a canoe while he swam pulling it, set up a place for him to sit in a cart that was connected to his bike, and ran while pushing the wheelchair in front of him. It is truly an awe inspiring story and video that will leave you in tears.

The 3 people I have described above all had their dreams come true. They had a dream and a vision of what they wanted to do and it eventually happened. We all have dreams, some big and some small. My wife is a big dreamer. She dreamed that she would have a book published and she is having her first book published this June. She dreamed that she would go to college and get a degree and she did. She dreamed that she would find a handsome young and intelligent man to marry and she most certainly did. She has many other dreams as do I. One of mine is to buy and run my own bed and breakfast in a beautiful place somewhere in the western U.S. I want to cook for the guests and do the yard work and make it a wonderful place for people to come and get away from life. This is my dream and just like the ones I mentioned above, who have fulfilled their dreams, I really want to fulfill mine.

Here is one last video to watch about dreams. So get to work and make your dreams come true because they really do. Click here

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Cindy Beck said...

Good dose of inspiration here. Thanks for posting this, and for the link to "Dream Big."